A green future

Our commitment to sustainability is just as important as our dedication to quality. Read on to discover how we revolutionise the world of luxury accessories.

Our brand is built on choices that benefit the planet, from choosing eco-friendly materials to sustainable delivery solutions. Working together with United Nations’ initiative Climate Neutral Now, we’re proud to be climate neutral in both our first and second tier.

We believe that being pioneers of change means looking beyond our brand. We’re proud to regularly donate and invest in projects that share our vision of a better tomorrow. Founded in 1924, ITF is one of the oldest forestry organisations. We’ve partnered with them to aid reforestation and help spread awareness of sustainable forestry.

We furthermore partner with Sweden’s largest animal welfare organisation Djurens Rätt, aiming for a cruelty-free future.

We’re proud to be a business friend of the world-renowned animal rights charity PETA, dedicated to raising public awareness on the abuse and suffering of animals.